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by JL Fields, Editor @ Stop Chasing Skinny on July 17, 2012


As many of you know, about a year after going vegan I stopped chasing skinny.  I fell in love with healthy, nutritious food. I jumped off the dieting roller coaster.  I decided to be rounder, more full and to simply buy bigger clothes. I chose health and fitness over a clothing size.  I found happiness beyond the scale.

I have been on an incredible journey of late. I have redefined what health and happiness mean to me and I’ve dramatically altered my career path. As a result, I think I have something to offer to others.  I have launched a lifestyle coaching business to encourage and educate others to live more compassionately.  I’m sharing the details below.  But please do stop by my blog JL goes Vegan as I am currently offering a giveaway – two single, 45-minute vegan lifestyle coaching sessions!

As ever, I want to include your story here on this community blog.  Have you stopped chasing skinny after adopting a plant-based diet? Submit your story!

Thank you for taking a look at my new coaching practice!


Go Vegan with JL!
Learn to be compassionate to yourself, and to others.

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching and Public Education with JL Fields, MS, VLC

Personal Coaching – Group Coaching – Cooking Demonstrations Vegan 101 Workshops

Why turn to a vegan lifestyle coach? Sometimes you just need a little help, support, guidance, and cheerleading! I am an enthusiastic, joyful vegan and I want you to experience everything wonderful that comes with living a compassionate lifestyle. Whether you are an omnivore wanting to get healthier, a vegetarian flirting with vegan, or a vegan ready to take compassion beyond the plate – I can help!

Choose a single consultation, an online group coaching program, or consider longer term individual coaching where I will support, encourage and educate you on how to eat and live compassionately. Although not a clinical nutritionist, I am a Vegan Lifestyle Coach certified by the Main Street Vegan Academy and I am ready to share my experience and expertise to help you make life changes that matter – to you, to animals and to the planet. Join me!

Personal Coaching (Phone, Skype or In Person)

I have developed education modules designed to guide your journey on how to eat and live more compassionately. Topics include health, diet, and meal plans; kitchen tips, tricks and techniques; living in the world as a social vegan; keeping a compassionate home; and more.

  • The 45-minute consultation session: You talk, I listen, and within two business days you will receive your personalized “Get Started” program. $100
  • One month (3 sessions) coaching: In addition to the introductory 45-minute consultation, you will choose two education modules for your coaching focus. $275
  • Three months (9 sessions) coaching: This plan includes the introductory 45-minute consultation and six education modules. The remaining two sessions are open for personal coaching specific to your experience. $750 ($675 if paid in full before coaching commences)

BONUS: Three-month clients will receive a welcome kit, which will include a copy of Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan in addition to coupons and products from vegan businesses. The welcome kit* is valued at over $50!

Group Coaching

  • Plan A: This single, online, 45-minute session will include a Vegan 101 presentation from me as well as peer support as you work together, and with me, to develop your “Get Started” program. $30 per person. Limited to ten participants.
  • Plan B: This multi-session (3), online program will begin with a Vegan 101 presentation from me as well as peer support as you work together, and with me, on your one-month goals. At the conclusion of the first session the group will come to consensus on the education modules for the remaining two sessions. $75 per person. Limited to six participants.

Cooking Demonstrations

  • My personal or private group cooking demonstrations in your home will equip you to prepare healthy, compassionate meals.
  • My public cooking demonstrations at your school, church, community group or local event will convince even the most skeptical that preparing vegan food is simple and delicious.

Email for prices.

Vegan 101 and Other Public Presentations and Workshops

  • “I’m Too Old to Change”: How one woman morphed from meat-eater to vegetarian, got off the couch, and became a post-40 marathoner, triathlete and vegan.
  • Healthy Food Preparation for the Busy Non-Cook: Tips, trips and techniques to eat a balanced, compassionate diet.
  • Being Vegan: It’s not that complicated.
  • Stop Chasing Skinny: Find health and happiness beyond the scale.

Email for prices.

How to Retire Before You Retire: Make career changes that matter. Today.

In my forties I began a journey to redefine the concept of work and my career, leading me to retire before I retired. I honed in my interests and skills. I continued my education. I developed a plan. Then I took a joyful leap and am now living and working my passions. I can help you explore a similar journey through

  • 45-minute phone or Skype coaching sessions
  • Group coaching (online)
  • By speaking to your local community group

Email for prices.

JL Fields is a vegan lifestyle coach and educator, certified by the Main Street Vegan Academy. A devoted culinary student, she has studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute and Organic Avenue, and completed the Intensive Study Program at The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies. JL speaks on plant-based food and vegan activism, fitness and body image, making big changes post-40, blogging, and nonprofit management; clients include The Seed: A Vegan Experience and the Business Institute at Long Island University-CW Post. She has been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts including Main Street Vegan on Unity.FM, Our Hen House, and Erin Red Radio. JL shares plant-based education, recipes and cooking techniques, as well as animal rights information and resources, on the popular blog JL goes Vegan and in her weekly online column “I Eat Plants” for the Life Style section of The Journal News (Westchester, NY).

Are you ready to Go Vegan with JL? Simply fill out the form below to get started!

*Welcome kit partners include Hurraw! Balm, JL Fields Consulting, Nasoya, So Delicious, Vegan Cuts, and Vegan Essentials.

Go Vegan with JL! is a service of JL Fields Consulting.

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