Do you feel beautiful?

by JL Fields, Editor @ Stop Chasing Skinny on April 25, 2012

There is a pretty terrific campaign going on in Australia and Brazil in response to a survey commissioned by Dove in 2004:  The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report.  ( You can download the report here).

The findings indicated that only 4% of women feel beautiful. Dove wants more women to feel beautiful. Now.  Check this out!

I would love to see this campaign in the U.S. and everywhere!

How about an unscientific survey? Do you feel beautiful?

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  • Robin

    It’s hard, isn’t it?

    • JL

      It really is.

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  • bitt

    Good for Dove for wanting women to feel good, but what about the animals? They are associated a company that tests on animals.

    • JL

      You should write to them, Bitt! I posted this video because I think it’s a good example of how we can have a public discourse about body image and beauty.

      • bitt

        Maybe I will write at some point but I feel these companies care so little about animals. I feel defeated. I appreciate that you posted it and wasn’t trying to make you feel bad, just pointing out that it is so odd to be so on target with one issue but so off on another.

        • JL

          Oh I don’t feel bad, at all. I’m just not surprised by the mixed messages.

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